Can I consider a makeover?

If your kitchen, shop or office is working but could look a whole lot better, absolutely! Most kitchens are suitable for a makeover since the materials used to build it are still in good shape. Kitchens between 10 and 30 years old seem to be the best candidates but we are happy to help rejuvenate your kitchen regardless of its age.

Do I have to have my whole makeover all at once?

While rejuvenating your kitchen or shop/office fittings by making over the cabinets, bench top and splash back at the same time has the most dramatic effect ... they do not have to happen at the same time. We are always keen to work with you to fit within your budget, and have had many Clients choose to make over their kitchen or shop/office fittings in separate steps.

What if I haven’t got a colour in mind?

Not to worry! We have colour charts that you can select from or you can bring in your own colour sample for us to match! We're happy to share our experience and knowledge to help you select just the right colour and finish.

How much does a kitchen makeover cost?

Pricing naturally depends on the scope of work involved. No two kitchens are the same however GST-inclusive indicative costs for an average-size kitchen are as follows: Professional Lacquering from $3,300; Engineered Stone Bench Top from $3,500; Glass Splash BackfFrom $750 .. and a Full Kitchen Makeover from $7,500. Minor Alterations & Additions from $500.

How long does a kitchen makeover take?

Kitchenmakeover.co.nz works with you and uses its proven 5-step method to ensure your makeover is everything you hope for. Because every kitchen or office/shop fitting is different … condition, layout and size … the time a makeover takes may vary. An average-sized kitchen is usually completed and re-installed in 10 working days, and work can often start shortly after quote acceptance.

Do I lose the use of my kitchen?

Absolutely not! You can use your kitchen while your makeover is in progress. Your drawers, cabinets and pantry will have been emptied for lacquering however we do not have to disconnect your appliances or sink. If you select to have us refresh your bench top with engineered stone you will have full use of your existing bench top until the day we install the new surface!

Is there any warranty?

We only use first-rate bench-top and splash back products that meet our expectations of quality, durability and value - and each carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty so that you end up satisfied with your makeover for years to come. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.

Do I have to wait to use my kitchen after a makeover?

You can use your kitchen as soon as we complete re-installing your lacquered kitchen, including a engineered stone bench top! The only exception is resurfacing a bench top using the Multifleck specialty product rather than stone, as it is sprayed on and requires 2 - 3 days to cure properly.

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